Supply-chain cloud

The cost effective GDP driven solution delivering up to the minute temperature and location data critical to verifying product safety and on time deliveries.

The Controlant Platform

Customised client Dashboard enabling global access to;

  • Status of active shipments
  • Historical shipping data
  • Global performance of excursions, rejections and on time delivery
  • Project performance
  • Route performance
  • Site performance


At a glance.. Cloud based software delivers notifications on the integrity, location and thermal profiles collected in your global multi-sensor network.


Take action… Configurable trigger events dispatch warnings before a problem is going to occur, when corrective actions are not viable both the shipper and recipient can be made aware of an issue before the time temperature sensitive product arrives.


Automated on delivery. Comprehensive reports are generated and distributed on arrival without user intervention. Reports contain shipping route and key temperature data including out of limit excursions.

Validation and training

WP will assist you in the supply of a  single 21 CFR part 11 compliant cloud platform and turnkey supported of hardware configuration, and management of data and alarms. Fleet management services include the distribution of preconfigured and redeployment of reconfigured dataloggers

Protect + Control + Transform

Your supply chain using robust hardware coupled with an easy to use online utility partnered with our services designed to assist you at every step.

Data Management

Automated archive... Be audit ready with historical shipment data available at your finger tips.

Data Analysis

Review and improve... Plot your collected data in Graphical, statistical and tabular formats, review high risk shipping routes and take action to improve your shipping processes.

Data Integration

Stream data into existing supply chain management, quality management and ERP systems.

Tailored Services

Available Add-on Services

  • Monitoring and response services: 24/7 excursion monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Quality performance reviews: Periodic trends analyses and troubleshooting.
  • Packaging and lane validation: Shipping route and packaging validation.
  • Premium support: Escalated service level agreements with 24/7 access to professional support.
  • Reverse logistics and inventory management: Automated CHaaS management to ensure on demand supply.
  • Routine calibration and training

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