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Real-Time Supply Chain Temperature Monitoring Systems

Supply chain temperature monitoring systems are designed to simplify the process of documenting shipping container temperatures that perishable food, pharmaceutical, blood and tissues are exposed to during transportation. We can deliver salient data to responsible person(s) in real-time or elapsed time, ensuring your shipping perishables meet compulsory government legislation.


What is supply chain temperature monitoring?

Supply chain temperature monitoring involves collecting evidence during the transportation of shipping perishables within a variety of industries, from food to medicine. Through monitoring shipping container temperatures, you can prove the transportation process did or did not have a detrimental impact on product quality or validity, whilst ensuring you comply with government regulations.

Why do you need a supply chain monitoring system?

Supply chain temperature monitoring is required to ensure that shipping perishables are consumed or used in the safest way, therefore upkeeping with strict government regulations. With real-time monitoring capabilities, temperature controlled shipping prevents food and pharmaceutical products travelling through the supply chain in an unsafe state.

Our supply chain temperature monitoring services include:

Supply chain temperature monitoring services at Wessex Power include a range of useful services that are available at your fingertips.

  • Single/multiple use options
  • USB, Bluetooth and GPRS communication options
  • Real-time temperature controlled shipping
  • Elapsed time software free operation with PDF reporting
  • Supply chain temperature monitoring options for -200 to +200°C applications

Benefits of our supply chain temperature monitoring service:

  • Account management to aid with real-time supply chain temperature monitoring, stock control and best possible pricing
  • Automated reporting
  • Delivery location assistance
  • Software free operation with PDF reporting
  • Calibration services

What regulations am I compliant with through a supply chain monitoring system?


  • Food and Drug Administration
  • Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
  • World Health Organisation
  • Food Standards Agency

Supply Chain Temperature Monitoring System Technology

We use the very best, industry trusted data loggers when carrying out supply chain temperature monitoring to ensure you meet government compliance.

iTag3Pro Loggers

Low cost, single use temperature data logger with LED alarm and integral USB connector.


Single use multi-alarm temperature data logger with detailed LCD screen.

Bosch TDL110

Shock, tilt, temperature and humidity data logging with Bluetooth connectivity.

Tempod 200XB

Bluetooth and USB connectivity for recording temperatures in dry ice and liquid Nitrogen.

Controlant Real-Time Supply Chain Monitoring System

Real-time monitoring of temperature, time and location partnered with a globally accessible cloud interface.


Supply Chain Temperature Monitoring Services

Here are a range of our other supply chain temperature monitoring services we offer at Wessex Power.

  • Validation of shipping container temperatures
  • Temperature Calibration
  • Temperature Validation
  • Data logger rental and lease

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