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Cold Chain Monitoring Solutions

We offer a comprehensive selection of innovative and cost effective cold chain temperature monitoring devices delivering critical time - temperature data when and where it is needed!


Meet Your Data Recording Requirements

Understanding the commercial, technical and operational requirements of your cold chain monitoring system will enable us to find the ideal solution from our range of industry standard cold chain monitoring devices.

Measure A Range of Temperatures

Temperature sensitive products are subjected to a wide range of temperatures. Cold chain monitoring solutions are capable of withstanding or measuring any temperature range that your shipments encounter.

Monitor Cryogenics to -80° to Frozen

We can provide cold chain monitoring systems for -196°C Liquid Nitrogen vessels, dry ice shipments and freezers which are designed to deliver optimum results in extreme conditions.

Ideal for Monitoring Chilled Applications

Our cold chain temperature monitoring devices rapidly deliver historical data on receipt of a delivery. Ideal for time temperature critical products such as refrigerated vehicles, cool boxes and fridges used to ship samples, vaccines and other pharmaceutical/medical products.

Monitor Ambient Temperature

Receive important alerts from a cold chain monitoring device at Wessex Power. Products designed to be kept below an ambient temperature threshold are often shipped to warm countries and can be subjected to high temperatures when left on airport runways.

Choose Who Receives the Data and What They See

A comprehensive and detailed report is not always relevant to everyone involved in the supply chain. Quality and validation departments will be interested in the robustness of the distribution network, rendering regular time-stamped temperature data a valuable commodity but a receiver of goods is more likely to require a clear indication that the shipment was in or out of limits. Our cold chain monitoring solutions deliver information to the appropriate people at the right time.

  • Receivers can see on device visual indication
  • Get data emailed back to you, the sender
  • Access data in the cloud
  • Data is sent to a remote server

Access Data in a Way That Works For You

USB interface

Our cold chain monitoring devices have integral USB connectivity providing the end user with a readable solution that can be accessed by anyone with a computer, without installation of software or bespoke communication equipment.

Displayed on device

Our cold chain monitoring devices have intelligent LCD displays which can provide important information to personnel in the supply chain without interfacing with a computer.

24/7 cloud access

Automate the supply chain monitoring process and remove the need for manual checks with our cold chain monitoring devices, accessible 24/7 via the Cloud, or deliver information automatically via email in PDF format.

Cold Chain Monitoring Solutions To Suit Your Paper Trail Requirements

Single or multiple use data loggers 

Manage a fleet of reusable cold chain data loggers or deploy single use devices when required.

PDF Reporting 

Our cold chain temperature monitoring devices offer centralised data storage with PDF report distribution via email.

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