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What is Thermal Validation?

Frozen fish in container for temperature validation monitoring

To validate something is to prove its accuracy, and temperature validation is no different. When monitoring the temperature of an environment, the proof is just as important as the result. From food and beverages to pharmaceutical applications, making sure the results gained from temperature mapping equipment are valid and precise is vital.

Thermal validation is the process of testing and proving that temperature-sensitive products or environments are being monitored and recorded correctly.

Manufacturers and transporters are responsible for maintaining the legally required temperature standards for a variety of different applications.

How does it work?

Our thermal validation system uses high-quality temperature mapping equipment such as data loggers. These tools are placed in environments of extreme temperatures and pressure and are able to feedback valuable data.

The collected data is then processed and analysed using comprehensive data-logging software. Industry-standard time temperature reports are then arranged and stored within the system.

What equipment is used?

At Wessex Power, we use self-contained, stainless steel data loggers to collect data in extreme environments. Our thermal validation systems combine a variety of industry-standard data loggers, temperature sensors and software to provide the best results.

What methods of temperature validation are there?

At Wessex Power, we offer thermal validation monitoring for three key uses:

Food and Beverage

Recording cooking and cooling profiles for food and beverages is vital in ensuring the key metrics are met. For safety and legality, getting your data mapping right when working with consumables is critical.

Using application-specific food sensor technology with 0.1°C accuracy, we can keep your operations running smoothly and effectively.

Read more about how we can use thermal validation to eliminate food safety concerns.

Real-Time Validation

Our closed-door temperature validation services allow data collection inside ovens, freezers, and chambers to be viewed from outside in real-time.

Wirelessly collecting data up to the second, our real-time thermal validation system provides information about temperature, pressure, and humidity quickly and efficiently.

Autoclave Validation

We provide self-contained data loggers and systems designed to simplify data validation inside autoclaves and washers.

All autoclave services are provided with free validation software. This software is capable of presenting collected data against time, lethality, time-to-temperature, or time-over-temperature statistics.

What’s included in our validation services?

Wessex Power offer specialist thermal validation systems for the above industries and applications. We’re here to ensure your products always meet industry standards and you’re running as efficiently as possible.

To discuss your needs or get expert advice, contact us by calling 01929 459 459 or email Our specialists can put together a bespoke thermal validation system to suit your specifications.

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