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Incubator Data Loggers

Adhere to GMP validation and ICH quality guidelines relating to shelf life, stability, product and package testing within incubator and stability cabinets using Wessex Power’s incubator monitoring solutions.


Centralise Incubator Monitoring Data

Incubator monitoring systems capable of collecting critical environmental data within appliances used to store time temperature sensitive products housed within a single room and expandable into multiple rooms, buildings and geographical locations using existing I.T infrastructure or operating independently.

  • USB, LAN, Wi-Fi, GSM, radio and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Global access and management of environmental data
  • Analysis using mobile and PC software utilities

Multi-Parameter Incubator Monitoring Systems

Laboratories contain a wide range of appliances with specific set points and monitoring requirements.  Our laboratory monitoring solution delivers wireless application specific sensors designed to tackle these requirements.

Incubator Temperature Monitoring

Internal and External probe

Incubator Relative Humidity Monitoring

0 ~100%
Internal and External probe

Incubator Carbon Dioxide Monitoring

0~200'000 ppm
External probe

Information At Your Fingertips

Up to the minute data accessible when and where ever you are in the world using hosted cloud services, supported with full featured PC analytical software.

  • Audible alerts | Email alerts | On-line environmental data

Wireless Temperature Incubator Validation

Monitor critical incubator or laboratory temperature data collected globally on any internet enabled device.

Incubator Calibration And Compliance

Incubator monitoring instrumentation used in a regulated environment must be calibrated to verify collected data is within acceptable tolerances. Our monitoring services have been tailored to make this process efficient, minimise inconvenience and deliver the best possible results to ensure you are compliant. We are also on the end of the phone and would welcome any discussions relating to achieving your specific targets and regulations.

Multi Test Points

Test and calibrate at multiple point across operating and measuring ranges

OFFSET Adjustment

Used to ensure we meet or improve on manufacturers quoted accuracies

Pre and Post Certificates

On request we can generate as received certificates and if an offset is applied As left certificates to ensure a complete chain of traceability

Compliant to 21 CFR Part II

Comply with FDA and MHRA regulations relating to data security and traceability using our validated 21 CFR Part 11 software suites including core audit trail, data integrity check and digital signatures.

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