Environmental Appliance Monitoring

Find environmental appliance monitoring solutions for collecting and analysing a wide range of environmental parameters within appliances. This includes temperature, humidity, Co2, light & pressure temperature monitoring solutions that prove compliance with regulatory and quality standards.


Acquire secure, accurate and robust data logging solutions for collecting and storing environmental data against time with adaptable data extraction options to accommodate expansion and changes within your operation.

  • Store and simply download via USB with optional wireless upgrade
  • Record data within a single room or building and expand to incorporate additional rooms and buildings


Monitoring environmental parameters can be undertaken using data loggers that deliver data locally on an LCD or remotely on a PC or via the cloud.


Dispatching notifications of out of limit alerts detected during recording can alert users to a problem and take corrective action to protect stored product.

  • Audible
  • Flashing light
  • SMS and Email
  • On PC screen


Application specific sensors can be attached to the data loggers to record a wide array of parameters


-200 ~ +1400°C
LN2 | Fridges | Freezers | Incubators | Ovens

Relative Humidity

0 ~100%
Ambient | Incubator


0~130 klx
0~30 mW/cm2


Atmospheric and differential

Carbon Dioxide

Stability monitoring | Building services


Collected data can be securely stored and analysed using software compliant with regulatory guidelines including FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, with options to operate without installable software.

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