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Wireless Warehouse Temperature Monitoring Systems

Choose Wessex Power wireless warehouse temperature monitoring devices which are battery powered, robust, accurate and supported with turn key deployment. Designed to operate within high traffic storage areas, collecting and distributing up to the minute critical temperature environmental data.


Tough warehouse data loggers

We work with warehouse data loggers built with robust steel housing that are ideally suited to withstand the rigours of busy day-to-day warehouse operations.

  • Durable steel construction
  • Powerful signal strength to combat high traffic areas
  • Secure data backup with integral memory

Warehouse monitoring solutions to suit your needs

The building blocks of our warehouse temperature monitoring devices and services call on decades of experience, delivering compliant, proven and reliable solutions adhering to regulatory compliance guidelines and operating within a challenging environment. We understand that clients have specific requirements which our adaptable solution can accommodate.

Calibrated precision and accuracy

Our warehouse data loggers come complete with calibration certification verifying legislation limits are exceeded

Battery powered

Non-invasive installation guarantees continued operation even in the event of a power cut

Limitless Expansion

Warehouse data loggers compatible with a wide range of sensors capable of recording additional environmental parameters

Wireless temperature validation

Comprehensive graphical analysis software can be used for temperature validation; pin point issues, combine and compare data collected by multiple sensors against time on a local PC or any mobile device connected to the internet.

Automated PDF temperature monitoring system

Temperature monitoring systems with PDF reports are automatically compiled and distributed to approved personnel, eradicating the need to manually review data. This ensures our clients are always ready for regulatory audits! PDF reports include historically temperature data, along with critical statistics and alarm events and user comments.

Warehouse temperature alarm systems

Warehouse temperature alarm systems made up of precise battery powered modules are deployed at predetermined locations, transmitting and collecting real-time vs. temperature data. The limitless expansion capabilities with multisite global networking enable our warehouse temperature monitoring systems to grow and adapt to our clients ever changing needs and regulatory demands.

Wireless Warehouse Monitoring

Benefits at a glance

  • Robust and reliable wireless communication
  • Secure data backup
  • Turnkey on-site validation
  • SMS and Email Real-time alerts
  • Automated Audit Ready reports
  • Online web interface for global software free operation
  • ERP and BMS integration
  • Comprehensive support and calibration packages

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