Calibrated Instrumentation Rental

Precise, calibrated instrumentation, enabling you to perform periodic temperature validation and mapping exercises with no upfront costs or minimum hire period.

Complete packages

Self-contained accurate stainless steel data loggers are ideally suited to steriliser, chamber and refrigerated appliance validation. They are supplied with all required software, interface, cables and if appropriate, computer components to ensure rapid cover. This is essential when existing equipment fails or you have a short fall in the number of sensors available to conduct your studies.

Operational temperature

Instrumentation used in a regulated environment must be calibrated to verify collected data is within acceptable tolerances. Our services have been tailored to make this process efficient, to minimise inconvenience and deliver the best possible results to ensure you are compliant. We are also on the end of the phone and would welcome any discussions relating to achieving your specific targets and regulations.

Pre and post calibration certification

Rental prices include calibration certificates issued with the data loggers and the supply of certificates following the completion of the rental period.

Sensor options

Comprehensive range of temperature sensors supported by pressure and humidity models, enabling a comprehensive profile of critical environmental parameters.

Rapid configuration

Batch configuration and download using real-time radio and multiplex interfaces enable multiple data loggers to be managed at the same time. This minimises the time spent preparing your studies and presenting your data.

Reporting and analysis

Comprehensive software utilities for generating industry standard time temperature reports and storing and managing your critical data.

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