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Data Logger Calibration Services

Our calibration services, including temperature & laboratory calibration services, are designed to deliver the best possible accuracies and ensure traceability in compliance with regulatory guidelines. We are a calibration company that will work with you; we can provide our calibration services in our laboratory or on-site at your premises.


In-House Calibration Company

Trained calibration technician’s at our laboratory manage the routine calibration tests and performance qualification of data loggers collected or returned from your premises.

Or Choose On-Site Calibration Services

Our trained engineers with validated test equipment and associated documentation arrive on-site and re-calibrate your temperature and humidity instrumentation in-situ.

Compliant Calibration Services

Instrumentation used in a regulated environment must be calibrated to verify collected data is within acceptable tolerances. Our temperature calibration services have been tailored to make this process efficient, minimise inconvenience and deliver the best possible results to ensure you are compliant.

We are also at the end of the phone and would welcome any discussions related to achieving your specific targets and regulations.

Multi-Test Point

Our temperature calibration services include testing and data logger, probe and sensors calibration at multiple points across operating and measuring ranges.

OFFSET Adjustment

Used to ensure we meet or improve on manufacturers quoted accuracies when providing calibration services.

Pre and Post Certificates

On request, we can generate 'As Received' certificates and, if an offset is applied, 'As Left' certificates to ensure a complete chain of traceability.


Request a Duplicate Calibration Certificate

Clear and concise labelling is applied to all instrumentation that goes through our calibration services, including the re-calibration date and unique calibration certificate reference code. If you have a pending audit and are missing any of the certificates, insert the unique reference code and the email address in the fields below and we will email secure PDF copies to you.

Calibration Services Reminder

Receive an email or telephone call from us to forewarn you of instrumentation that is due for temperature calibration services re-testing.

What our clients say

WP deliver a cost effective and efficient service tailored to meet our requirements, ensuring our data loggers surpass target accuracies, offer cover whilst our data loggers are away being tested and remind us when re-calibration is due.

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