Real-time Validation Solutions

Closed door validation enables data collected inside ovens and chambers to be viewed and reacted to in real-time using robust data loggers with integral wireless radio modules.


Premium solution for validating environmental processes in real-time using high quality temperature, humidity and pressure data loggers with integral sensors and RF technology, with the capability of delivering up to the second data to your computer.

Precision and traceability

Sensors are incrementally calibrated to verify our claimed accuracies are achieved with individual ISO17025 certificates supplied with each data logger.


Designed for medical/pharmaceutical deployment so adheres to FDA guidelines for 21 CFR Part 11/820 and can be supplied with software validation and IQ/OQ/PQ documentation to aid with commissioning.

Environmental sensors

Integral sensors delivering market leading accuracy, resolution and repeatability.


Suitable for deployment in any appliance from ultra-low temperature freezers at -80°C to ovens at +140°C with external probed options suitable for use in conjunction with thermal barriers to operate at higher temperatures.


0-100% range with sintered cap to protect integral sensor when immersed or when in contact with contaminates.


0-5bar with 0.02Bar accuracy range including sintered cap to protect integral sensor when immersed or when in contact with contaminates.

Explosion proof

ATEX certified, enabling deployment in zone 2 hazardous areas like flammable stores and ethylene oxide sterilisers.

Reporting Templates and analysis

Use industry standard templates to produce reports including graphical presentation of sensor positioning.

Calibration history

Calibration history is electronically saved, routine calibration is performed using the supplied software with results that can be printed, saved and attached to your reports.

Thermal Validation

Benefits at a glance

  • Act on live data to save time having to repeat studies
  • Graphical overview of real world sensor positions
  • Precise accuracies with NIST Calibration certification
  • Rapidly create professional industry compliant reports
  • Multiple probe options

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