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3 Reasons Why Laboratory Temperature Monitoring Is Essential

Temperature monitoring systems are essential across a wide range of industries but are especially important for medical, pharmaceutical, research and other laboratories. When storing temperature-sensitive items in any type of laboratory, it is crucial to track temperature as efficiently as possible.

Laboratory temperature monitoring systems by Wessex Power are a perfect solution for that. It can help you track and control temperatures in your laboratory with ease, but also have many other fantastic benefits. Read on, to discover why you should be using a laboratory temperature monitoring system in your lab.

Meet Regulatory Compliance

Every laboratory will have a set of regulatory requirements related to the temperature that they have to follow depending on the items being stored in the lab. In the UK, for example, laboratories are required to have optimal temperature conditions to be UKAS accredited.

Temperature monitoring solutions record the temperature of the environment in which samples, reagents and other valuable assets are stored. This enables companies to quickly prove regulatory compliance.

Wireless temperature monitoring systems by Wessex Power will allow you to collect large amounts of data that can be automatically compiled into reports, ready for regulatory audits. Not only will this help you comply with regulations, but will be extremely helpful when it comes to dispute any resolution.

Prevent Contamination & Product Loss

Regular temperature monitoring is key for the prevention of contamination and product loss in a lab. Uncontrolled temperatures can affect stored substances making them ineffective or unusable. Too hot a temperature, can also cause growth of bacteria and moulds.

So if you want to ensure that your samples or reagents don’t become compromised, you need to invest in temperature monitoring equipment. This is incredibly important, considering that contamination can end up invalidating the results of any tests you might be carrying out in your lab and lead to losses of time and money.

Save Time & Money

Laboratory temperature monitoring helps streamline processes and save time in many aspects of laboratory operations. A robust temperature monitoring system will allow you to spend less time servicing equipment and help avoid product waste. With a wireless temperature monitoring system you can also access temperature data 24/7 from anywhere in the world. This will allow to reduce the need for manual laboratory monitoring allowing you to improve productivity elsewhere.

Save time and money, improve accuracy and prevent losses with our wireless temperature monitoring solutions by Wessex Power. If you’d like to learn more about our laboratory temperature monitoring system then make a general enquiry or call our team on 01929 459459.

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