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4 Benefits Of Real-Time Supply Chain Monitoring

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Real-time supply chain monitoring involves collecting evidence of environmental factors during the shipping of perishables like food, blood, or pharmaceuticals. Real-time temperature monitoring systems, for example, measure the temperature within shipping containers to ensure that anything that is being transported is at an optimal temperature and is not at risk. Supply chain monitoring systems also collect data on location for tracking and up-to-the-minute data for product safety.

By monitoring the temperatures and status of shipping containers, you can evidence that transport did not have a detrimental effect on the product. This is particularly important for the supply chain as compulsory government legislation and regulations often must be met every moment.

So what are the benefits of real-time supply chain monitoring?

Real-Time Insights

The key is in the name: real-time. With real-time monitoring using supply chain data loggers to measure temperature and things like humidity, you’re gaining data from the environment as it’s happening. This means that if there are fluctuations or issues, you’re more likely to be able to rectify them before any damage is done. You can also then collate this data with what was happening during this time of transportation and use it to anticipate changes in environmental conditions next time.

For tracking, this also means that you are able to anticipate route and project performance to help improve shipping time and find the most effective solutions.

Cutting Manual Labour

By using real-time temperature supply chain monitoring systems and software, you’re leaving the data collection to reliable technology and leaving more room for your team to do their jobs. Using real-time validation systems means that less time can be spent on checking and re-checking temperature and other data, and more on getting your supply where it needs to be effectively and efficiently.


With less manual labour comes less cost. As well as this, by tracking location and historical shipping data, you can optimise future routes and projects for cost efficiency. By ensuring everything is delivered on time and in perfect condition, you’ll minimise losses.

By having real time validation and cloud-based technology to monitor and present data, you’re reducing the need for extra hardware (which may need replacing after so many uses) and having reliable data storage that you can access anywhere.

Increased Efficiency

Understanding our current performance is key to improvement. Supply chain monitoring measures environmental and location data with up-to-the-minute accuracy. Using supply chain data loggers, the information is logged and stored for easy access and review, meaning you can go back and assess previous performance to improve efficiency for the future.

Wessex Power

Our supply chain temperature monitoring services include:

  • Single and multiple use options
  • USB, Bluetooth and GPRS communication options
  • Real-time temperature-controlled shipping
  • Software-free operation with PDF reporting
  • Real time temperature monitoring for -200 to +200°C applications

Wessex Power provide specialist, real-time supply chain monitoring services for many applications. We’re here to ensure your products always meet industry standards and you’re running as efficiently as possible. For more information on our services and how they work, download our PDF brochure on Supply Chain Monitoring or take a look at our real-time monitoring solution case study with Sonoco.

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