Temperature indicators

Simple pass/fail visual verification of temperatures maintained in transit using chemical and electronic indicators.

Time temperature indicators

Provide a simple verification that time temperatures sensitive products have been shipped within acceptable limits. Operating TTI requires no expert knowledge and rapidly identify when problems have occurred. Chemical time temperature indicators provide the best value for money and electronic deliver the complete story

Types of Time Temperature Indicators

Omnidirectional chemical indicators change colour when predefined temperature thresholds are breached. Electronic indicators are Bidirectional and can supplied preconfigured with multiple alerts levels to handle escalating issues and deliver a better understanding of what has occurred.

Descending freeze indicator

Changes colour once trigger temperature threshold has been breached, warns recipient goods encountered freezing temperatures in transit.

Ascending temperature indicator

Elapsed time colour change above trigger threshold helps recipient to qualify the extent of the problem.

Electronic Indicator

Define multiple alarms with cascading temperature triggers and duration limits. Concise LCD display indicates what has occurred in shipment and direct USB connection enables the generation of a PDF report for audits and proof of delivery

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