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Vaccine fridge & freezer monitoring solutions

If your facility needs to ensure that vaccine fridges and freezers maintain safe and compliant temperatures, choose Wessex Power. Our vaccine fridge monitoring solutions include support and expertise to help you to track the status of vaccines throughout the entire cold chain.


Accurate medical refrigerator temperature monitoring for vaccines

When shipping and storing vaccines in medical grade fridges and freezers, it is essential that they are kept at safe temperatures to certify regulatory compliance and vaccine quality. With our vaccine fridge and freezer monitoring solutions, we provide real-time fridge temperature data at each and every stage to prevent dangerous breaches. Our precise data loggers help to reduce product wastage and meet regulatory compliance, whilst our specialists are on hand to provide support throughout the process.

Vaccine fridge data logger solutions

At Wessex Power we use the latest industry leading data loggers for vaccine fridges, all of which provide detailed, accurate data and have specialist features to make the vaccine monitoring process much easier to manage. With us, you’ll gain 24/7 visibility of your medical fridges and freezers.

Visual indicators

Red and green light systems indicate when data loggers are working correctly, or when a temperature breach has occurred.

User-configurable alarm systems

Our data loggers for vaccine fridges feature user-configurable audible alarms that alert you when a fridge or freezer is exposed to an unsafe temperature.

Modern connectivity

Gain 24/7 access to temperature data via USB or cloud-based software and generate quick PDF reports to facilitate analysis.

SMS/Email Notifications

Stay up to date with the status of your vaccine fridge data loggers by setting up automated SMS and email alarm notifications.

Recognising the importance of safe vaccine storage and shipping

If you’re a medical facility, you’ll know that it is a legal requirement to store or ship vaccines at temperatures as low as -80°C due to their short shelf life and temperature sensitivity. Our vaccine fridge monitoring specialists understand the importance of safely storing and transporting vaccines from A to B. Gain peace of mind that our reliable vaccine fridge and freezer data loggers are constantly collecting new data to help you keep track of the cold chain process.

We’ll work with you to break down and analyse the data at every stage, ensuring any necessary action is taken immediately. By helping you to overcome common supply chain challenges such as product wastage and health and safety risks, your facility can become more efficient and cost-effective.

What to expect from our vaccine fridge monitoring solutions

When you choose Wessex Power for vaccine fridge and freezer monitoring, you can expect a reliable, precise and fully knowledgeable service from start to finish. Trusted by various industries worldwide and with over 40 years of knowledgeable experience, we offer quick and easy installation, unrivalled technical support from our friendly team and compliance certificates.

Through deployment of modern and efficient data loggers, we provide bespoke vaccine fridge data logger solutions tailored to your exact requirements.

Vaccine Fridge & Freezer Monitoring

Benefits at a glance

  • Precise vaccine fridge data loggers with the latest technology
  • 24/7 visibility of dry ice fridges and freezers to protect vaccine quality
  • Make your business safer and more cost-effective
  • Meet WHO compliance to certify vaccine fridge safety
  • Easy data logger set up and management support at every stage
  • Cloud-based software compatibility for quick report generation

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