Temperature Mapping

We work with you to collect thermal stability data from within appliances, warehouse storage areas and vehicles that are used in controlling temperature within the supply chain. Our temperature mapping services can generate a clear and concise report compliant with relevant legislation.

Turnkey Solution

Professional engineers with up to date safety and MEWP training attend the site to deploy and collect calibrated instrumentation in accordance with the pre-approved protocol.

  • Temperature, Humidity and door events
  • Onsite risk assessment with thermal imagery
  • 2 week MHRA assessment & 365 day resident systems

Report Generation

Experienced personnel with 10~20 years experience generate reports in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

SCOPE | Pre approval Protocol | Deployment matrix | Pass/Fail criteria | Graphical analysis | At a glance statistical evaluation | Observations | Electronic records supplied + analytical software

Warehouse and Storage area Mapping

Seasonal observations of internal vs external temperatures at the coldest and warmest times of the year in order to establish hot/cold, arid/humid spots within the storage volume.

Cold Store and Refrigerated Appliance Mapping and PQ Testing

Empty and full appliance mapping to assess temperature distribution front to back and top to bottom. Power loss and open door recovery studies.

Supply Chain Mapping

Static and in transit validation of temperature controlled packaging and vehicles and real-time GPS vs temperature validation of shipping routes

Incubator and Chamber Mapping

Empty and full chamber mapping to assess temperature and humidity distribution, uV sensors to measure photo stability and Co2 sensors to verify Carbon Dioxide levels are maintained.

What our clients say

"WP delivered a prompt and efficient validation protocol generation and pre-approval process, partnered with professional and methodical deployment with a comprehensive report that met our stringent requirements"

Engineering Manager - Nicobrand

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