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Vaccine temperature monitoring solutions

Protect vaccine storage and shipments from unsafe temperature breaches with our 24/7 vaccine temperature monitoring systems. Using industry leading data loggers, we manage and monitor each stage of the vaccine cold chain, with full installation, reporting and GxP documentation included.


Precise, compliant vaccine supply chain management

With a short shelf life, the importance of accurate and safe cold chain management for vaccines is paramount. Vaccines are both time and temperature sensitive, therefore must be kept in low temperature conditions for designated periods to be safe and fit for purpose.

Our trusted vaccine temperature monitoring solutions can be implemented in both medical grade vaccine fridges and freezers, either in storage or transportation environments. Through the deployment of modern and precise data loggers, we carefully monitor and report on real-time temperatures of vaccines as they pass through the cold chain – ensuring you meet all-important WHO compliance.

Helping you overcome common vaccine supply chain challenges

Whether you’re struggling with visibility of your vaccine shipments or preventing temperature breaches, our vaccine monitoring solutions can help you overcome your biggest supply chain challenges. When you choose our specialists with 40+ years’ worth of expertise, you’ll gain complete peace of mind that your supply chain will be safe, seamless and fully visible at every stage.

Increased Costs & Product Wastage

Without effective vaccine temperature monitoring, there is a high risk of vaccines becoming unsafe for use, meaning increased production costs and wastage. Our vaccine monitoring systems mean any potential temperature breach is flagged immediately, stopping vaccines from becoming unusable.

Health and Safety

If vaccines are subject to a dangerous temperature breach without data loggers in place, facilities cannot determine whether vaccines are safe for human administration. Maintain the correct vaccine storage and shipping temperatures through practical monitoring solutions with Wessex Power.

Lack of Visibility

Struggling to gain an in-depth overview of your vaccine shipments throughout the cold chain? Our vaccine supply chain management services allow all necessary stakeholders to gain visibility of each and every stage of the cold chain.

Maintaining safe vaccine temperatures during storage and in transit

Our vaccine temperature monitoring solutions cater for both storage and transportation environments. These vaccine monitoring systems can withstand temperatures of -80°C and +2°C to +8°C, ideal for use in ultra-low freezer boxes and chilled storage fridges. During transportation and long-term storage, vaccines must be kept at ultra-low temperatures.

With our help, vaccine temperatures will be continuously monitored – from the start of the delivery process right up until they are ready for human administration. Our data loggers feature modern alarm systems, LCD displays and probes for real-time data collection and reporting.

What to expect from our vaccine monitoring solutions

Our temperature monitoring solutions are trusted and have been successful for multiple pharmaceutical industries across the globe. For reliable, precise and WHO-compliant vaccine monitoring, choose Wessex Power.

From quick and easy installation to in-depth management and reporting, our friendly specialists offer support and guidance throughout the entire process. We work with you to determine the most suitable vaccine data loggers for smooth integration into your supply chain, with offerings available from leading brands such as MadgeTech and LogTag.

Our top-of-the-range data loggers are key to simple, easy yet thorough vaccine monitoring. Modern alarm systems alert users when vaccines are at risk of a temperature breach, meaning action can be taken immediately. LCD displays and PDF/USB compatibility facilitate real-time, accurate reporting at each stage of the supply chain. What’s more, many of our data loggers are equipped with external probes for in-situ temperature recording, with some even having an internal recording system for versatile usage.

Vaccine Temperature Monitoring

Benefits at a glance

  • Precise, high-performance vaccine data logger solutions
  • Gain increased visibility of your entire supply chain
  • Compatible with various cloud-based data logger software for quick report generation
  • Meet WHO compliance and receive GxP validation to certify vaccine safety
  • Simple and quick installation with full support from our specialist team
  • Reduce product wastage and save costs

Want to find out more?

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