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Thermal Validation Systems

Our thermal validation systems are comprised of the best data loggers in the industry, designed to deliver precise data within environments running at extreme temperatures and pressures.


Wide Operational Temperature Monitoring Ranges

Find thermal validation systems with self-contained, compact stainless-steel data loggers at Wessex Power to collect time temperature data in extreme environments and over a wide range, without the inherent problems generated by using traditional thermocouples. We offer food & beverage safety temperature monitoring systems, real time validation services and autoclave sterilisation, validation and monitoring services.

Temperature Sensor Options

The comprehensive range of temperature sensors are supported by pressure and humidity models, enabling a comprehensive profile of critical environmental parameters for effective thermal validation.

Rapid Equipment Validation and Collection of Thermal Data

Validate equipment and download data using real-time radio and multiplex interfaces. This enables multiple data loggers to be managed at the same time, minimising the time spent preparing your studies and presenting your thermal validation data.

Reporting and Analysis

Comprehensive data logger software utilities for generating industry standard time temperature reports, storing and managing your critical thermal validation data.

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