Validate shipping temperatures

Battery powered single and multiple use time temperature USB data loggers with PDF reporting

Single Use Operation

Preconfigured ‘out the box’ dataloggers ready for rapid deployment at the press of a button.

Concise, easy and rapid reporting...

Solutions that deliver reports without the need for bespoke interface, software installation or even a computer!


Integral USB connection enables the data logger to be directly plugged into a computer

PDF Reporting

Generate reports without installing software, including out of limit temperature events

On delivery visual Indication

At a glance indication of in or out of range temperatures results

Multiple Use Operation

Reusable solution to minimise cost per shipment. Supplied with software to enable reconfiguration and redeployment.


Certification, validation and training
Available with calibration certificates, GDP documentation, 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and training packages.

Software - Useful Utilities

In addition to the automated PDF reporting, software is available free of charge to help you manage your supply chain data.

Analysis and Archiving

Perform in depth analysis of shipping profiles using graphical and tabular reporting utilities.

Centralised storage

Central database storage of historical temperature data accessible by remote users globally.

21 CFR Part 11

Secure software with audit trails and electronic signatures

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