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New Custom Brackets for Wireless Monitoring Systems

We are eager to announce that Wessex Power now designs and supplies custom brackets for use in a number of environments to support our wireless monitoring systems!

For years we have been supplying wireless temperature monitoring solutions to a range of businesses to provides a means for them to collect real-time temperature data.

These durable brackets are for use in warehouses with Wessex Power warehouse temperature control systems, and these product stimulant brackets have been validated for use in cold storage applications.

The bracket securely fixes warehouse data loggers in place so that they aren’t knocked or disturbed by the bustle of a busy environment.

About Warehouse Data Loggers

The warehouse temperature monitoring devices from Wessex Power have multi-parameter capabilities, collecting environmental monitoring data including:

  • Temperature – -200 ~ +1400°C in LN2, fridges/freezers, incubators, ovens
  • Relative humidity – 0 ~100%, ambient or incubator
  • Carbon dioxide – 0~200’000ppm, stability monitoring
  • Pressure – Atmospheric and differential
  • Light – 0~130 klx and 0~30 mW/cm2
  • Voltage and current – Connect to 3rd party sensors delivering voltage or current outputs

Warehouse temperature monitoring is critical if the products being stored in warehouses are medical, as regulatory organisations will request pharmaceutical validation that the products being dispensed have been stored in the correct environment.

Why Choose Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solutions?

There are a multitude of benefits for wireless temperature monitoring, including that it is cloud based temperature monitoring, so wherever you are, you will be able to access real-time data. In addition, you can interface your data with the existing building management software you have in place, so it can seamlessly integrate and be stored with other data.

We want clients to find the complete solution for warehouse temperature monitoring, which is why we are pleased to supply and design these new custom brackets. To find out more or discuss your requirements, call +44 (0)1929 459 459 or make a general enquiry.

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