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The Benefits of Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring systems are necessary across a wide range of industries to ensure a high product quality level, prove 21 CFR Part 11 compliance in the US and pass regulations set by the MRHA in the UK.

Technology has advanced in recent years along with the expectations of regulations creating a need in the industry for wireless temperature monitoring solutions. These industries include:

  • The food and beverage industry are expected to retain certain temperature levels across the manufacturing, processing, packaging, transporting and storage of food ingredients and products.
  • Water companies must monitor water temperature to ensure water chemistry is not affected by fluctuations which can encourage bacteria in public systems and affect oxygen in environmental cases.
  • Medical and pharmaceutical industries must monitor appliances, tools and medical products, such as autoclaves and vaccinations.
  • Warehouses and storage companies must ensure the temperature remains consistent to avoid moisture and mould.

A wireless temperature monitoring system at Wessex Power is comprised of a bespoke set of data loggers with limitless capabilities. They can transmit and collect accurate, real time data, and can be expanded for multi-site global connections. The data loggers can record a wide range of parameters, from temperature to humidity and come with various documentation, including GxP documentation, data logger software with proof of 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and accuracies verified with calibration certificates.

The benefits of wireless temperature monitoring solutions from Wessex Power include:


  • Saving time with globally accessible data

Wessex Power wireless temperature systems allow our clients to access data wherever they are from a secure cloud-based control panel. Any internet enabled device, from a PC to a smartphone, can access the data enabling our clients to manage a single fridge to every appliance within a storage facility and transportation network used in the time temperature sensitive products’ life cycle.

  • 24-hour monitoring with alarm notifications

Our wireless solutions include wireless temperature alarm systems which product intelligent warning notifications when parameters are breached. This gives clients the freedom from manual monitoring and better accuracy with higher response times for enhanced temperature control. Clients can define multi-level thresholds for each sensor which, when triggered, will dispatch a series of detailed SMS or email warning messages in addition to audio/visual warnings. This data can then be viewed in audit ready reports.

  • Increasing productivity & analysis with PDF reporting

Audit ready software and PDF reports present data in an easy to analyse format. By eradicating the need for manual reviews, we ensure clients can be more productive and knowledgeable in the safety of their products. PDF reports are automatically compiled and distributed to approved personnel containing critical statistics, alarm events and user comment, making surprise regulatory audits a breeze.

  • Regulatory Compliance

The industries outlined above and many more are all subjected to regulatory demands. Wessex Power wireless temperature monitoring solutions are validated in-situ with FDS/IQ/OQ/PQ, come with XP documentation, a calibration certificates and more, traceable to a national standard.

Save time, increase productivity and improve accuracy in one with our wireless temperature monitoring solutions. Make a general enquiry or call +44 (0)1929 459 459 to talk to an expert who can craft a bespoke monitoring solution for your needs.

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