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How Controlant Has Been an Effective Cold Chain Monitoring System

Cold chain temperature monitoring is a vital element of certifying safety and quality control in industries across the globe, including pharmaceutical and food to name a few. To help facilities gain a wider visibility of their supply chain, Wessex Power use an innovative, industry-trusted system called Controlant. Here’s how Controlant has proved to be an effective cold chain monitoring solution for a multitude of organisations.

What is Controlant and how does it work?

Controlant is a cold chain monitoring system that allows you to track the status of your shipments from start to finish. This is tracked through the use of cold chain data loggers, which connect directly to the Controlant platform. It is an online system that can be accessed anywhere across the globe, where all data is stored securely in the cloud.

Controlant not only lets you analyse the journey of your shipments after it has been completed, you can also monitor real-time temperature data. This allows organisations to make necessary changes whilst shipments are travelling through the cold chain. Learn more about how Controlant works and its advanced features.

How has Controlant proved to be a successful cold chain monitoring solution?

Controlant has already proved to be an effective cold chain temperature monitoring system, helping many organisations to gain much-needed visibility across their entire supply chain. Not only has Controlant helped to control the quality of products at each stage of the cold chain, it has also enabled companies to meet important government compliance. Controlant has helped facilities to prove that they are complying with safe temperature regulations and are distributing safe products to their customers.

At Wessex Power, we used Controlant to help an organisation in charge of distributing COVID-19 samples gain real-time temperature visibility across their entire cold chain. This ensured that the samples were stored at safe temperatures that would not compromise their structure before reaching the laboratories for testing. If samples were deemed inconclusive due to ineffective temperature control, this means both time and resources would be immensely wasted. Controlant is a useful tool that helps to prevent this from happening.

Another organisation that has benefitted from the Controlant cold chain monitoring system is Teva, a pharmaceutical company that develops and distributes medicine. For them, real time temperature monitoring was one of the main winning factors about Controlant. They wanted a quick solution that would help them mitigate problems quickly, should safe temperatures become breached. Also, they desired a solution that would help them foresee a potential problem before it put products or the company at risk.

By implementing cold chain data loggers and the Controlant platform into their business strategy, Teva have already averted problems amongst 30 shipments. They also prevented one of their most expensive and critical vaccine shipments entering a room that was not able to safely store them at the correct temperature. The company were instantly alerted that there was a problem before it was too late, reducing the chance of product wastage on a grand scale. By eradicating as many as potential temperature issues as possible with cold chain monitoring, Teva can ensure their business runs safely with improved efficiency.

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