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How to Manage Data from Your Cold Chain

Real-time supply chain monitoring is valuable for food, pharmaceutical and medical device suppliers, providing validation should logistical data be requested. At Wessex Power, we use the Controlant platform as our cold chain monitoring system.

With Controlant you can establish full control of your shipment during the supply chain process. Full traceability and complete tracking ensure that your business is compliant from start to finish.

How the Controlant Platform allows users to manage cold chain monitoring:

  • Shipping can be tracked from start to finish with cold chain data loggers
  • Monitor the status of active shipments
  • Access historical shipping data (beneficial for validation and audits)
  • Review project, site and route performance
  • Analyse the global performance of excursions and rejections

The great features of this cost-effective cold chain monitoring solution include:

  • Automated reports that run upon delivery, so no user intervention is required
  • The tracking can be used to verify both temperature data and product safety as well as checking that deliveries are on-time
  • Controlant is a cloud-based platform – all data is safe and secure online
  • Instant notifications on the location, product integrity and thermal profile
  • Set-up ‘trigger events’ to be alerted if a problem occurs – both the shipper and recipient will be notified

Learn from your product tracking

The tracking of cold chain temperature monitoring devices allows for the determining of where the shipment was when the temperature dipped out of the set temperature range that the product must be stored in. If this temperature fluctuation resulted in being detrimental to the usability of the product, tracking data can be reviewed.

An investigation can be launched to look into why the temperature went above or under the required range. It could be determined whether this shipping company is at fault, or it could be found that the packaging was insufficiently insulated, so when the transport drove in hot or cold weather it impacted the product condition. Companies can learn from these findings and implement changes for the next cold chain shipment.

Reasons to choose Wessex Power for cold chain monitoring solutions:

  • All-in-one supply chain temperature monitoring, tracking and validation system
  • The customisable Controlant platform dashboard will be built bespoke by Wessex Power for your application
  • We provide training to assist with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Wessex Power can also tailor addition services to provide more support, including 24/7 excursion monitoring and troubleshooting, performance trend analysis, automated CHaaS management (to ensure on-demand supply) and more.

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