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Wessex Power Supports Specialty Food Company with Temperature Monitoring

Wessex Power Supports Specialty Food Company with Temperature Monitoring


This company (who have asked to remain confidential) is a leading producer of specialty foods such as glass-packed peppers, pizza sauces, pickled vegetables, marinades, and olives. For over seventy-five years they have brought delicious and healthful foods from the Mediterranean to the American table. They strive to provide their customers with the highest quality foods available and run a state-of-the-art facility in the western U.S. It is paramount that the company use temperature monitoring solutions such as data loggers to be able to prove their products have been produced and stored safely and meet all necessary food regulations.

The Challenge

The company works with jarred products, and thus sends data recorded on each data logger to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to prove their products’ safety. The company’s processing parameters need to be vetted and provable, which is why they looked to Mesa Labs for food safety monitoring from Wessex Power.

Pasteurizing equipment can produce various heating deviations in the product. Heating deviations can lead to spoilage and create a bigger issue in the marketplace, which is why food temperature monitoring solutions within their laboratory are so important. If spoiled foods make it to store shelves, not only is the company’s reputation at risk, but, more importantly, so is the health of the public.

The Solutions

Wessex Power provided food temperature monitoring solutions in the form of Mesa Labs temperature probes for the food industry. By utilizing Mesa Labs’ MPIII 1-inch Rigid Taper Tip data loggers, the company were able to validate their pasteurization process as well as drive forward product quality by testing how their products heat. The small size of the MPIII data logger allows it to be placed within a product without dramatically altering the characteristics of the product being tested, ensuring accuracy during the process validation.

They have also successfully filed their processes with the CDPH and the FDA for their jarred products, enabling them to feel secure in their products’ safety. By determining that the company’s processing parameters are safe by using the data loggers, the company can proudly and confidently ship their products to grocery stores throughout the U.S.

Mesa Labs’ DataTrace temperature data loggers have also given the company peace of mind on a monthly basis. Each month when they undertake food safety monitoring, validation of their pasteurization equipment is performed, catching heating deviations before they become an issue. This monthly process of data logger temperature monitoring has saved the company money by negating the need for guesswork.


“I can tell you that we have been using the DataTrace temperature data loggers to help us validate our pasteurization process along with driving forward product quality through testing how our products heat. We have also had success in filing processes with the CDPH and the FDA for our jarred products. Without the Mesa Labs systems, we would not have been able to provide data for these regulatory agencies to determine whether or not our processing parameters would be safe. We also use the data logger temperature probes for a monthly validation of our pasteurizing equipment and have had success in catching heating deviations” – Megan Gibson, Technical Services Manager.

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