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Wessex Power Provides Autoclave Temperature Mapping for Industrial Fermentation

Wessex Power Provides Autoclave Temperature Mapping for Industrial Fermentation


This company (who asked to remain confidential) has pioneered an entirely new approach to harnessing the power of cells. By applying the latest advances in biology, automation, machine learning, and data architecture they have developed new, more efficient, and more reliable ways to optimize microbes for industrial fermentation.


The client designs and creates new microbial strains at a high pace in an automated manner, removing human error from the equation. The new designer microbes can improve products which impact the industrial biotechnology field. Due to the nature of this work, autoclave temperature monitoring was required to help to check the efficiency of the autoclaves being used.

The Challenge

The client has a flexible platform to engineer a wide variety of industrially relevant microbes and improve the economics of new and existing products made via industrial fermentation. Because of this platform and its breadth, the autoclave cycle parameters and capabilities must be verified through autoclave monitoring.

The client needed an apparatus or interface to help document autoclave temperature mapping.

The Solutions

By using Mesa Labs’ DataTrace 3” MPIII temperature data loggers, provided and calibrated by Wessex Power, the client was able to undertake autoclave monitoring to check the capabilities of their autoclaves and verify the cycle parameter. The client was able to rent the Mesa Labs equipment from Wessex Power, rather than purchase the data logger equipment. The temperature mapping rental allowed for a more flexible relationship and cost savings.

Mesa Labs’ MPIII temperature probes are adaptable to almost any situation, measuring less than an inch. The small size of the data logger increases versatility and precision by allowing positioning very near or inside items.


“The Mesa Labs equipment and the DataTrace team were extremely responsive and helpful with my questions” – Lab Services Employee.

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