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What’s Included in Wessex Power Warehouse Monitoring

Warehouses are vast in size and almost always used for storing products or equipment. For most businesses, having a warehouse plan is essential to manage staff responsibilities, stock levels and deliveries. For manufacturers who produce, process and ship food and medical equipment, especially medicines and vaccines, they must ensure that they adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines. This includes having warehouse temperature monitoring systems in place to monitor and record temperatures.

The GMP guidelines are curated by the US Food and Drug Administration, and they are updated with frequently changing regulations. They outline the warehouse monitoring actions that manufacturers of temperature-sensitive products should implement to guarantee that all products are safe from production to shipment.

One of the primary methods to validate temperature is to use data loggers. Warehouse temperature monitoring devices such as these will ensure all data – and accurate data – is collected. Wessex Power, provide a warehouse temperature and humidity monitoring service for manufacturers of temperature-critical items. We work with our clients at every step to provide support and to advise on how to meet necessary requirements.

What’s included in the Wessex Power warehouse temperature mapping service?

  • An online URS generator to help with the first step of the regulatory process.
  • Unlike some other suppliers, you won’t simply be sent a guide. Wessex Power will be there at every step to ensure compliance, confidence and competence in operation.
  • Wessex Power provide routine monitoring and calibration.
  • Set-up is provided.
  • Extra training can be given if you would like to learn more about how to use Wessex Power

By choosing Wessex Power for your warehouse temperature monitoring devices, you will benefit from a warehouse monitoring service that will ensure validation can be provided for the items produced and stored. We can supply bespoke warehouse temperature mapping packs which include multi-use data loggers for use for temperature mapping surveys. MHRA legislation states that these surveys must be performed in summer, winter, and whenever are changes are made to the layout of the warehouse.

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