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What is a Controlled Temperature Chain?


Are you part of a facility that requires effective and accurate vaccine temperature monitoring? With the help of our data loggers and full installation service, we can help you create a safe, compliant controlled temperature chain. Read on for more information about how to comply with controlled temperature chain limitations and why data loggers can be the number one solution for monitoring vaccine storage temperature.

What is a controlled temperature chain?

A controlled temperature chain (CTC) is a vaccine management approach which authorizes vaccines to be temporarily stored at temperatures outside of the usual cold chain of +2°C to +8°C. Vaccines stored outside of these traditional temperatures must be effectively monitored and controlled to ensure that antigens inside the vaccines remain stable.

When a controlled temperature chain takes place, a vaccine is usually exposed to ambient temperatures of approximately +40°C for several days. There is specific criteria that facilities are required to meet when managing a controlled temperature chain, which are set by the World Health Organisation. These are as follows:

  1. Vaccines in a controlled temperature chain should be used in a strategy or campaign setting, rather than in an immunisation setting that would be administered routinely.
  2. Ambient temperatures of at least +40°C must be tolerable by vaccines, for at least three days. Each vial should have a vaccine vial monitor and each vaccine carrier should have a peak threshold indicator.
  3. Vaccines must be issued a license for inclusion in a controlled temperature chain by relevant compliance authorities. Vaccines should also be clearly labelled with the conditions they will endure during the CTC.

Why do you need data loggers for a controlled temperature chain?

Data loggers are an essential tool for ensuring safe temperatures are not breached within a controlled temperature chain. This detailed, precise method of vaccine temperature monitoring prevents vaccine wastage and guarantees that vaccines are completely safe to use. Alarm systems on certain temperature data loggers are also highly effective at informing facilities of when action needs to be taken. Data loggers also give facilities complete confidence and proof that they are meeting regulatory government compliance.

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