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Wessex Power Accreditation 2021


In celebration of the renewal of our ISO accreditation, we will be discussing the various certifications awarded to Wessex Power and why they are relevant to our services.  


The ISO/IEC 17025 is a very important accreditation for testing laboratories. Often different laboratories will produce a variety of test results due to staff competencies, equipment, and standard operating procedures. This can have a massive effect on an industry if it is not regulated. This is why the ISO17025 exists, to create consistency of test results from laboratories. The ISO17025 is designed to make sure that there are suitable tests and calibration of laboratories to ensure that results are consistent and generated using industry-standard protocols. A laboratory with ISO17025 compliance will benefit in many ways. Mainly, they will be internationally recognised, and the reliability of their results will be trusted. Wessex Power provides laboratory calibration services to the standard of ISO17025. A calibration company is important as this is the easiest way of implementing a Laboratory Information Management System to help meet ISO17075 regulations.  


The ISO 9001 certification is essential in creating a quality management system (QMS). A quality management system is a collection of documentation that defines how a company delivers products or services to a customer. ISO 9001 is now used in service sectors, education, and government as a way of meeting regulatory requirements. These standards help document the quality control by creating benchmarks as well as testing to check variations in product quality. However, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) does not independently certify organisations themselves. An organisation applying for ISO 9001 certification is audited on its processes, products, and services. Wessex Power can provide ISO9001 certification for food safety management systems and other quality management systems (QMS). Other services like software validation are available to provide efficient and reliable analysis for an organisation. 


ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised set of standards for implementing an environmental management system (EMS). ISO 14001 is the international standard and lays out guidelines for creating a successful EMS.  Environmental management systems are important for organisations to maintain the correct processes and practices. ISO 14001 provides the framework for organisations to reduce the negative impacts they have on the environment. This has many benefits for a business including better relationships with customers and the public. An EMS can also reduce liability and insurance costs which will save money for an organisation. At Wessex Power, we can set up an effective EMS using environmental monitoring such as a temperature monitoring system. We provide certified assistance for a range of systems like vaccine cold chain management 

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