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The Benefits of a Digitalised Cold Chain

Pharmaceuticals is a big industry and structured with procedures and standards due to the nature of the products and the purpose they serve. One of these procedures is the validation of temperature monitoring systems, which ensures that measurements are accurate and performed correctly. It’s paramount that the required validation process is established within pharmaceuticals, recorded and presented via documentation to prove that medications have been stored safely. In 2017, an immense amount of money was lost due to the degradation of vaccinations during transit. Recorded losses like this demonstrate the need for digital cold chain monitoring, which enables effective temperature monitoring along each step of the cold chain.

Wireless temperature monitoring systems present a fitting solution to the increasingly stricter regulatory requirements in place.

Benefits of Digitalised Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring:

  • Better customer service: Responding quickly to any problems during transport reduces any delays, enabling companies to get medications to those who require them quickly.
  • Review the condition of your product during transit, not just at the end: Real-time temperature tracking helps to prevent waste, as should the required temperature drop or rise, this can be responded to there and then.
  • Vast amount of data collected: Data loggers allows companies to review data and spot trends, so if there are temperature discrepancies that frequently occur during a particular part of the cold chain, these issues can be address and rectified.
  • Automate daily processes: Use cold chain monitoring data logger software, such as the MadgeTech 4 software, to choose reports to automatically run and automate the sending to legislation bodies, for example.
  • Quality assurance: With cold chain monitoring you can set pre-defined boundaries that, when broken, are flagged by the audible alarm, so you will be aware when product safety and quality is jeopardised.
  • Data is clear, viewable in real-time and easy to access: Should an audit be scheduled, or a compliance report requested, a pdf report can be quickly exported that will detail temperatures and quality controls.

Ensure optimum results, prevent waste and learn from data by introducing digital cold chain monitoring to your current supply chain temperature monitoring processes. Learn more about the benefits of Wessex Power temperature mapping services.

What does the future of digitalised cold chain monitoring look like?

New blockchain technology in the supply chain market is set to transform the cold chain process even more so, providing a means to join all parts of the journey and provide visibility to all companies in the chain of the shipping information, temperature and geo-tracking.

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