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The Pros and Cons of Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Wireless temperature monitoring is a means of tracking temperature and humidity conditions in an environment where monitoring and validation is required to adhere to legislation requirements. In some instances, such as pharmaceutical temperature monitoring, wireless solutions are necessary as there is often a mix of various storage areas. Wireless temperature monitoring systems allow for the seamless collection of data to one platform – without wires.

There are many pros to this increasingly popular means of temperature monitoring, but to present a complete picture it’s important to be mindful of the cons. Discover how wireless temperature monitoring solutions could transform temperature data collection for companies.


The pros and benefits of choosing wireless temperature monitoring services:


  1. Record & analyse data at the same time

Data can be analysed whilst the test/recording is taking place.

  1. Notifications for “no miss” management

Alerts can be programmed to generate if the temperature goes outside of the set parameters. Wireless temperature alarm systems allow companies to respond to temperature changes instantly to avoid product deterioration.

  1. Monitor temperature readings from any location

Wireless temperature monitoring systems allow for data to be monitored remotely over the internet and via cloud based temperature monitoring.

  1. Reduced set-up time

Set-up time is significantly reduced for wireless temperature monitoring solutions over hard-wired data loggers, and they are easier to install.

  1. Higher percentage of accuracy and more reliable

Scientific accuracy from 0.10°C. Wireless data loggers allow temperatures to be monitored from outside the fridge, autoclave or storage container without disturbing the environment during the process.

Wireless temperature monitoring provides a more versatile way of collecting data, as well as the means to better monitor and analyse temperature data in real-time. Due to the capabilities, there are a couple of differences to expect for companies who only have experience of using the original, hard-wired systems.


Cons of a wireless temperature monitoring system:


  1. Wireless = more expensive

The price of a wireless temperature monitoring solution is higher than alternative, ‘dis-connected’ systems. It’s recommended that when choosing a temperature monitoring service, it’s the wireless temperature monitoring system functions that are the primary consideration when reviewing systems.

  1. More time for installation and validation is required

A wireless monitoring system needs to be installed properly with robust documentation proving to you and auditors that the system is fit for purpose, functional and adheres to relevant rules and regulations to your industry. Initially engineers will setup the signal paths to ensure data from the transmitting data loggers is received by the centralised base stations using LAN/WLAN/GSM/RF and then setup the system in accordance with the IQOQPQ documentation.

Calibration services are also required to ensure that the data collected is within acceptable tolerances.

Once the wireless monitoring system and corresponding software has been set-up, the system will prevent you having to undertake the manual and time-consuming task of data retrieval and enable live alarm management, saving time and money.  Actioning an alarm condition before or as its occurring enables you to move stock or address an issue, preventing stored product being exposed to temperatures detrimental to product quality or safety

Wessex Power provide not only the wireless temperature monitoring system but offer temperature calibration services for wireless data loggers to guarantee legislation compliance. Certification is required for proof of validation.

The pros of wireless temperature monitoring far outweigh the cons, in particular because of the greater benefits of going wireless. The flexible installation allows for growth and expansion and affords companies a way to prove validation by using the PDF data reports that are included with Wessex Power temperature monitoring services.

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