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New Series of Tempod Data Loggers Released for Cold Chain Monitoring

A new generation of Tempod series data loggers by TempSen were released into the market in October 2017, featuring new cold chain environment monitoring solutions and advanced measurement technology. Ideal for monitoring items within the life science, food and industrial industry to provide reliable data and prove compliancy against regulations.

The Tempod data loggers will be available for purchase individually on our sister site Loggershop, or for low temperature monitoring as part of a cold chain monitoring solution with Wessex Power.

Cold chain monitoring solutions are essential to prevent any temperature abuse which can affect the quality of pharmaceutical and food products, eliminating the possibility of economic loss or endangering human safety.

The new range features light weight, compact temperature data loggers which can be used anywhere, including warehouses, containers, insulated packages and more. The Tempod data loggers also feature a user-friendly interface, a USB port to download data without software, PDF reporting, alarm status and more. This enables personnel to always be in control of the temperature and never miss important information or changes.

The four Tempod data loggers by TempSen include:

  • The Tempod 30 – temperature USB & PDF data logger
  • The Tempod 50X – temperature USB & PDF data logger with external NTC sensor
  • The Tempod 100X – temperature USB PDF data logger with external RTD probe (measure -100°C to 70°C
  • The Tempod 200X – temperature USB PDF data logger with external RTD probe (measure -200°C to 70°C)

All data loggers boast features including:

  • User replaceable battery avoiding predetermined replacement dates.
  • Caps that are attached to the data logger.
  • Multiple alarm ranges
  • Certificates
  • Standard | Direct USB connection with software free operation and automated PDF reporting
  • Bluetooth | Wireless download link, to enable users to collect data within packages and appliances without having to remove the data logger

All TempSen data loggers are compatible with the free Tempcentre software, compliant to 21 CFR Part 11.

Learn more about the Tempod data logger range as part of a cold chain monitoring solution at Wessex Power. Read our brochure or submit an enquiry.

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