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How Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Is Expected to Grow 2020-2027


Cold chain temperature monitoring is a vital aspect of certifying safety and regulatory compliance in facilities across the globe. However, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, the market has already seen huge growth with this trend projected to continue into 2026-27. According to a recent report, the cold chain temperature monitoring industry is expected to hit $19.6 billion by 2026 with a 20.5% CAGR. Find out more about the importance of temperature monitoring systems and how this industry is expected to take off within the next six years:

Temperature Monitoring Solutions In High Demand

Temperature monitoring systems are sought after by industries worldwide in order to track each stage of the cold chain effectively and safely. With companies becoming increasingly aware about the importance of product safety, it is vital to ensure they are safe before, during and distribution. If products become subject to dangerous temperatures, this could impact the overall quality of a product and make them unsafe for use.

In the pharmaceutical industry, regulations are becoming stricter and products are required to go through more thorough screening before they are declared safe. For example, medicines and injectables require process validation prior to distribution to hospitals, care homes and other health facilities. The COVID-19 pandemic is also a huge contributor to forecasted growth in cold chain monitoring equipment. With the widespread distribution of COVID-19 samples from test centres to laboratories, the importance of maintaining safe temperatures throughout the cold chain is paramount. This is to ensure tests do not become invalid or inaccurate whilst travelling through the cold chain.

Temperature monitoring solutions are also becoming more apparent within the food industry. Facilities are developing stronger awareness around the importance of health and safety when distributing, handling and cooking food. With the growing need to act on global climate change, reducing food waste has become crucial. If a facility has an effective cold chain monitoring solution in place, this prevents food from entering temperature ‘danger zones’ and becoming inedible.

The Importance of Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring

It is clear that cold chain temperature monitoring is becoming a pivotal strategy for a vast array of industries. Not only does it help facility managers to gain full visibility of the entire cold chain, it promotes product safety, prevents wastage and saves both time and money. To provide sufficient evidence that your facility is meeting regulatory compliance, an effective cold chain temperature monitoring system is the ultimate solution.

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