Fridge/Freezer Dataloggers

Solutions designed to simplify the management of temperature data and alarm conditions in Fridges and Freezers

Save time

Instead of manually collecting temperature data, deploy an economical temperature data logger which will collect and store it for you ready for periodic extraction using a computer. Supplied software can also be used to ensure critical data is saved and data loggers are reprogrammed automatically, saving you time and minimising the reliance and demand on staff

Appliance level monitoring and alarm management

Appliance level monitoring and alarm management are important tasks that tie in with existing operating procedures that verify operating status. Our solutions include the following options..

30 DAY Min/Max

In addition to recording temperature data, navigate the Min/Max values collected over the last 1~30 days, negating the need to interface with a computer.

Visual indicators

Clear visual indication that recorded temperatures were in or out of acceptable thresholds Green light = Recorded data between 2~8°C Red light = Recorded data has exceeded 2 or 8°C thresholds

Audio alerts

Audible alert once user defined threshold is breached

SMS and email

Proactive distribution of alarm messages including temperature, time and data details.

Software Analysis

Collected data can be securely stored and analysed using software compliant with regulatory guidelines including FDA 21 CFR Part 11 with options to operate without installable software.

Data Extraction

Flexible connectivity options deliver solutions that can automatically extract data when plugged into a computer or when contacted using existing I.T infra structure or a radio network operating independently with no PC footprint.

USB Download

Direct communication with computer for configuration and periodic download

LAN and WIFI Download

In-situ communication including online connectivity.

Wireless Download

Independent automated communication including online connectivity

PDF Reporting

Reports are automatically compiled and can be distributed to approved personnel. Eradicating the need to manually review data and ensuring our clients are always ready for regulatory audits! Reports include historically temperature data, along with critical statistics and alarm events and user comments.

Compliant calibration

Instrumentation used in a regulated environment must be calibrated to verify collected data is within acceptable tolerances. Our services have been tailored to make this process efficient, minimise inconvenience and deliver the best possible results to ensure you are compliant. We are also on the end of the phone and would welcome any discussions relating to achieving your specific targets and regulations.

Multi test point

Test and calibrate at multiple point across operating and measuring ranges

OFFSET Adjustment

Used to ensure we meet or improve on manufacturers quoted accuracies

Pre and Post Certificates

On request we can generate as received certificates and if an offset is applied As left certificates to ensure a complete chain of traceability


Certification, validation and training

Available with calibration certificates, GDP documentation, 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and training packages.

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