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Why Your Pharmaceutical Company Needs Data Loggers

Vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs don’t just cure and prevent diseases, they save lives. This is why it is paramount that when medicine is in the cold chain that temperature monitoring solutions are in play to check that it’s kept in the correct temperature to sustain the usability of the product.

There have been occasions whereby vaccines have been sent to third-world countries and due to the minimal cold chain present, the vaccines were ineffective, and it was dangerous for them to be used. This is where wireless temperature monitoring solutions can help.

Reasons why your pharmaceutical company needs data loggers:

  1. Stop Avoidable Medical Waste

Last year, 40% of the biopharmaceuticals shipped worldwide degraded as a result of temperature variation during shipping. Our data loggers have an accuracy precision of +/-0.1°C, making them suitable for use as a validation service to show legislation boards.

  1. Meet Legislation Requirements

The World Health Organisation (WHO) sets the president for the recommended temperature ranges that vaccines need to be transported in, and it’s these that must be met to so that the vaccine is safe to use – and effective. WHO recommend that to follow “best practice” a 30-day temperature data logger should be used in vaccine refrigerators. Wessex Power data loggers provide a full log of the temperature recorded over the duration to provide superior pharmaceutical validation services. We recommend the TRED30 vaccine temperature data logger.

  1. Cold Chain Monitoring

Track time-temperature during transit for assurance and validation that the shipping products are at the correct temperature. Complete data and PDF reports are available with each data logger. Wireless temperature monitoring solutions are used by TEVA Pharmaceutical to ensure strict temperature limits are met by gathering up-to-the-minute data from their applications in each different location in their supply chain.

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