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Why Warehouse Temperature Mapping Is A Key To Success

One aspect that often gets disregarded by businesses is the value of maintaining good environmental control and the temperature mapping of their warehouses.

Temperature and humidity levels in warehouses, especially larger ones, are prone to change. Often this can lead to unfavourable conditions for perishable and temperature-sensitive goods. Warehouse mapping solutions can help avoid such issues and allow many companies to prevent product and financial loss.

If you’re looking to learn more about warehouse temperature monitoring you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we discuss why warehouse mapping is vital for the success of your business.

What is warehouse mapping?

Warehouse mapping involves monitoring, collection, and analysis of temperature and humidity data across a warehouse, to determine whether the environmental conditions meet the requirements of specific products or goods that are being stored. This process normally involves the use of warehouse temperature monitoring devices, also known as data loggers, that are placed around the storage facility to collect both temperature and humidity readings.

Effective warehouse temperature mapping will allow you to ensure that your storage facility is working at safe temperatures and will minimise product loss whilst upholding legal storage regulations.

Why is warehouse temperature mapping important?

  • Protect perishable goods

There’s no denying that certain products are more temperature-sensitive than others. As a result, if the appropriate storage conditions are not established and maintained, the perishable goods will spoil or become damaged. The product may also lose its effectiveness or possibly harm the consumers if exposed to these unsuitable storage conditions. Warehouse temperature control systems can help eliminate such concerns.

  • Control warehouse environment

Inappropriate temperature or humidity levels in the warehouse can have serious consequences not only for the goods stored in the warehouse but also for the storage area itself. One of the main consequences of improper warehouse temperature and humidity monitoring is condensation and mould growth. Mould can grow not only on products and boxes but also on shelves and walls. In addition, the condensation can rust and corrode metal parts and damage the facility.

  • Regulatory compliance

Best practices aside, for many industries, temperature mapping of a storage facility is a requirement for regulatory compliance. An appropriate warehouse temperature control system is key when it comes to ensuring that your facility is operating safely and in accordance to government legislation. This is especially prevalent in the medical, pharmaceutical and food production industries that are governed by strict quality control regulations.

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