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Why Food Data Loggers are Vital in the Food Industry

Food safety monitoring and control of such environmental factors as humidity and temperature are very important to food manufacturers. Food industries have to adhere to strict guidelines in order to ensure that the food products they produce are of appropriate quality and safe for consumption.

Automated food safety management systems comprised of food data loggers can be very useful when it comes to measuring temperature and humidity and help ensure that food remains safe in production, storage, and transportation. Read on to find out why food data loggers are essential for the food industry.

They Help Ensure Food Safety

Food products are perishable, therefore appropriate food temperature monitoring systems are critical for any type of food storage facility. Food that isn’t maintained at a safe temperature will spoil and result in waste, or worse cause health issues for the consumer.

Food data loggers equipped with temperature and humidity sensors help ensure continual food safety monitoring and are critical for ensuring that food stays safe. Find out how food monitoring systems help maintain safe practices in supermarkets.

Food Data Loggers Assist With Food Compliance

Food industries are required by law to ensure that food is stored and kept at specific temperatures. Food manufacturers must adhere to certain food-management regulations such as the FDA. Food data loggers help ensure that the regulations are met as they offer 24/7 accurate monitoring and recording of the environmental conditions where food products are stored. Data collected by the data loggers can be easily turned into a report and is always ready to use for food safety validation.

Help Improve Food Quality And Increase ROI

Food data loggers offer high levels of accuracy when it comes to food safety temperature monitoring. They can detect and record even the slightest fluctuations in the environmental conditions of the food storage space. If so happens that the temperature falls outside the pre-set range, the data logger will send out an automated alarm.

Not only can this eliminate potential product spoilage, but it also can help improve the product quality and in turn can help reduce food product rejections and returns and increase your return on investment.

Reduce Operation Costs

It can be quite expensive to pay someone to record temperature changes manually all day and all night. Automated food safety management systems in the form of self-contained food data loggers can be an inexpensive and accurate alternative to outdated manual monitoring. With data loggers, information is continuously collected in real-time and can be stored and wirelessly downloaded for analysis, thus removing the need for manual labour and reducing the cold chain operating costs.

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