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What’s Included with Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems?


If you are looking for an effective way to monitor temperature across your facility, whether it be related to food, medicine or the supply chain, Wessex Power can help. We offer effective wireless temperature monitoring solutions, including environmental and cold chain monitoring.

A wireless temperature monitoring system is a plan put into place whereby temperature is monitored across a facility using data loggers. This is to ensure that facilities are reaching temperatures within their desired threshold, consequently adhering to government compliance.

When you choose us, you can expect an easy, seamless service with results clearly provided to ensure legal compliance. Whether your facility is big or small, we are equipped to install wireless temperature monitoring systems that will improve both visibility and safety.

For those interested in our services, here is a closer look at what is included:

Full installation package

As part of our expert service, we offer a complete installation package – meaning our experts do all the hard work for you! Installation of a wireless temperature monitoring system offers minimal interruption to your facility. Our service is simple, flexible and completely adaptable depending on your needs and preferences.

All that is required from us is the installation of high quality, dependable data loggers across different locations within your facility, whether that be a warehouse or laboratory. This ensures that temperature can be effectively mapped throughout your facility to achieve reliable results.

Wireless temperature monitoring technology

Once our data loggers have been installed, we give all clients the opportunity to monitor their data as it comes in. This is provided through a wireless control panel that can be accessed on any Wi-Fi device. Here you will be able to manage the entire life cycle of your products, assessing the temperatures reached in different areas and whether there is any unsafe breaching.

Alarm warning systems

All our wireless temperature monitoring systems include alarm systems, which are connected to each data logger. This provides our clients with a warning in the case where desired temperature thresholds are breached. This allows us to take any necessary action to make certain that this does not continue to occur.

PDF reporting

Our temperature monitoring solutions facilitate easy data reporting, which can be automatically compiled into simple PDF documents. This eliminates the need to report manually, making the entire process much quicker and simpler for everyone involved.

Legal compliance services

At the heart of our wireless temperature monitoring solutions is certifying you meet legal compliance. We can ensure that your facility maintains safe and appropriate temperatures for the industry you operate in. When you choose Wessex Power, you gain access to GxP documentation and proof of compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

If you are interested in installing a successful wireless temperature monitoring system, get in touch with our experts at Wessex Power. Give us a call on 01929 459 459 and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

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