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What are the Consequences of Not Having Adequate Cold Storage?

Cold storage temperature monitoring is important for several reasons. It allows companies to be audit-ready, adhere to best-practices, and to ensure product effectiveness. Ultimately, it’s important that product deterioration doesn’t take place. A cold storage monitoring system is how companies can ensure that they avoid this costly, in worst-cases harmful, situation.

What happens if you don’t store products in adequate conditions?

There are two core product types that require cold storage: food and vaccines. As they are things that people put into their body, it’s essential that they are stored in the set conditions. In the latter instance, they improve the health of a person, so it’s paramount that cold storage monitoring is in place.

It’s great deal of responsibility to get it right, if you are the producers. Cold storage monitoring will provide support and peace of mind.

There are consequences to failing cold storage conditions. These vary for the company responsible for housing or shipping the product and for the end user consuming that product.

Consequence for the company:

Large fines are to be expected for companies that can’t produce validation evidence, such as certificates. Companies must be able to provide proof of the storage conditions. If cold storage temperature monitoring is amiss or absent, this can’t be achieved.

Consequences for the end-user:

For the consumers of food that hasn’t been sufficiently stored because the conditions for storage weren’t correct, the consequences are much more severe. It can range from food poisoning to hospitalisation.

In the instances of administering vaccines, if there isn’t adequate cold storage monitoring, the drugs won’t be viable for treatment. Data must be provided for the CDC to use any vaccines for their initiatives.

If the drugs are used, particularly frozen vaccines, this could lead to failed inoculation. Or, as was the case in a fertility clinic in the US, the expiration of products. The refrigerators stopped working, and as no cold storage monitoring system was in place, no alert was triggered when the power cut out. Eggs were lost, causing grief for families.

Wessex Power can help you to meet the requirements, as well as ensuring you are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. To find out more about how we can provide cold storage monitoring systems for your business, contact our team today on 01929 459459 or use our online form. We have nearly 40 years of experience and provide lifetime aftercare and support.

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