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Reduce Logistics Cost With Cold Chain Monitoring Solutions

The cold chain process can be quite costly. Unlike the regular supply chain, cold chain goods have to be stored at a specified temperature range during the entire shipment process which can result in quite big expenses. On top of that, there are actual logistics costs as well.

While it might be difficult to cut back on the cooling and storage expenses, there is a great way to reduce logistic costs – digital cold chain monitoring.

Read on to find out how you can reduce your cold chain logistics costs using real-time cold chain monitoring solutions.

Minimise Product Spoilage

There are many benefits to digital cold chain monitoring, but one of the greatest is that it can help reduce one of the biggest problems of the cold chain – spoilage. In the cold chain, spoilage of the products can result in the biggest loss in revenue.

Cold chain monitoring systems that monitor shipments in real-time can help greatly minimise these unwanted expenses. Cold chain monitoring devices will instantly flag any issues with a shipment such as environmental changes, temperature fluctuations, hardware malfunctions, and deviations from protocols allowing for potentially compromised or damaged goods to be quickly rerouted to the closest repackaging centre or alternative market. This allows shippers to save money by preventing more goods from becoming damaged or even to save the compromised shipments.

Lower Transportation Costs

Real-time information on cold chain allows shippers and handlers information necessary to prevent shipment problems, which not only reduces the cost of replacing spoilt or damaged goods but also limits additional spending by reducing reshipping costs and minimising delays.

Transportation temperature monitoring allows you to detect any temperature breaches in real-time. That means you know to ship replacement goods before the spoilt shipment arrives, not only saving time but also reducing spending on expedited shipments.

In addition to that, data gathered from the supply chain monitoring can help you optimise your packaging, potentially reducing your shipping as well as handling expenses.

Reduce Operational Costs

Last but not least, having a reliable cold chain temperature monitoring solution can also help you greatly reduce your operational costs. Real-time monitoring speeds up otherwise slow manual processes increasing efficiency.

On top of that, the logistics data collected using a digital cold chain monitoring system can help you lower procurement and transport costs by allowing you to pick the best routes and modes of transport for your shipment and optimise packaging. Finally, providing excellent cold chain service will result in more happy customers, which means lower customer acquisition costs as well as better retention.

Reduce your operation and transportation costs, enhance customer service, and save money with innovative and cost-effective cold chain monitoring solutions by Wessex Power. Our comprehensive real-time supply chain monitoring systems are designed to meet your needs and are comprised of the best cold chain temperature monitoring devices.

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