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Real Time Supply Chain Monitoring with Wessex Power Solutions

Real time supply chain monitoring systems by Wessex Power give instant temperature data without the hassle of managing a real-time system.

Our fully managed real time temperature monitoring solution is comprised of ‘pre-configured’ data loggers that are charged and ready to be deployed. The data loggers allow real-time monitoring of data, from temperature to humidity, with automated reporting and alert notification including risk assessed route statistics to help you enhance product quality.

Our real-time supply chain monitoring system includes:

  • 24/7 Global service
  • Device inventory management
  • Alarm handling
  • Access real-time data
  • To complete the circle, used data loggers are returned or collected and prepared for redeployment.
  • Recharge
  • Cleaning
  • Dispatch to appropriate distribution centre
  • Re-calibration

Our data loggers work as cost-effective GDP driven solutions, delivering minute by minute temperature and location data. If you’re in the supply chain business, proving your products have been in certain states is critical, and we can help you verify product safety and on time deliveries.

As part of our environmental monitoring solutions, we will provide a single 21 CFR part 11 compliant cloud platform and turnkey to further help you manage data and alarms. It also includes the distribution of preconfigured data loggers. Wessex Power will be there at every stage of the supply chain, from data management to auditing, data analysis tools to review and improve data integration.

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