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Case Study: Gaining Cold Chain Visibility in the Pharmaceutical Industry

When transporting goods through the cold chain, it is vital that facilities ensure it is done safely and effectively. Gaining cold chain visibility is highly important to ensure safe temperatures are not breached and government compliance is met. Pharmaceutical company Alliance Healthcare recently increased the visibility of their cold chain with the installation of cold chain temperature monitoring systems. This was executed through the deployment of data loggers and gateways.

Who is Alliance Healthcare?

Alliance Healthcare is a pharmaceutical and medical wholesaler, retailer and distributor based in Europe. Their products are supplied to over 110,000 hospitals, doctors, pharmacies across the UK to provide patients with the care they need. They also offer distribution services to other pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Why did Alliance Healthcare need cold chain monitoring solutions?

Alliance Healthcare has numerous warehouse locations and each warehouse made different decisions about how to effectively monitor temperature. This distorted product quality and compliance across the company, as there was a lack of consistency and regulations.

Consequently, this also caused difficulties in terms of reducing wastage and maintaining control. It was clear that cold chain monitoring was needed in order to make the process much simpler and gain a wider insight into safe temperature thresholds.

How did a cold chain monitoring system solve the problem?

In order to gain greater cold chain visibility, Alliance Healthcare installed a brand new, effective cold chain temperature monitoring system. This featured a cloud-based software together with some of the industry’s very best data loggers and gateways. This allowed users to access real-time temperature and humidity data, safeguarding that the temperature of medical products remained at a safe level for future usage. Users could also be notified by alarms in case any temperatures were breached, meaning action could be taken immediately.

As a result, medical wastage was drastically reduced, and Alliance Healthcare were able to conform to government compliance throughout their warehouse facilities.

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