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Why You Need Extreme Temperature Data Loggers for Process Validation

If you work in a facility that handles extreme temperatures in order to achieve thermal process validation, it’s important that you are equipped with the correct monitoring equipment. High and extreme temperature data loggers are incredibly useful for ensuring you meet regulatory compliance and the required temperature to achieve disinfection.

What is process validation?

Process validation involves the steps a facility must take in order to establish a process, such as extreme heating, has been undergone to meet specific criteria. For example, if you are trying to achieve thermal process validation, you must ensure that you have reached a sterilization temperature to guarantee that a product is safe. This is often executed using high temperature monitors to collect sufficient evidence that government compliance is met.

How is process validation used in extreme temperature environments?

Process validation is often used in pharmaceutical, manufacturing and the food industries. Curing ovens are often used for processes such as dry heat sterilization. In the pharmaceutical industry, this is where medical appliances and injectable instruments are heated to an extreme temperature in order to certify their safety before usage. High autoclave temperatures are also used for disinfecting medical instruments to ensure they are safe for human use.

Thermal validation is also extremely important within the food industry, to ensure utensils and food itself is heated to the appropriate temperature to diminish any harmful bacteria. For example, milk goes through pasteurisation, a form of high temperature sterilization, to ensure that pathogenic bacteria are destroyed. This is vital to undergo prior to human consumption as these bacteria can be harmful and cause foodborne illnesses.

Why are extreme temperature data loggers vital for process validation?

Extreme temperature data loggers are extremely important as they ensure facilities have proof that government regulations are met. Without precise evidence that a product has been effectively sterilized, this can place a big risk on a company’s reputation, increase product wastage and cause harm to human health. Oven temperature monitors and sterilizer monitoring systems provide facility managers with accurate time stamps of when certain temperatures are reached. We recommend the HiTemp140 DHS and Thermovault Max high temperature data loggers and shield kit for precise extreme temperature monitoring within your facility.

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