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Eltek’s Darca Connect Set To Modernise Laboratory Temperature Monitoring



Our team at Wessex Power are all about making temperature monitoring a seamless, visible process from start to finish, so we were excited to hear about Eltek’s brand new Darca Connect Software. Coming in 2021, this data logger software is set to modernise wireless temperature monitoring systems for laboratories. Wessex Power offer data monitoring solutions to laboratories worldwide, allowing them to gain better visibility of their facility to certify safety regulations and compliance.

What are the benefits of using Eltek’s Darca Connect data logger software?

For facilities using old Eltek software, Darca Connect will provide a brand new and improved way of managing laboratory temperature data. The Darca Connect data logger software will provide a completely cloud-based temperature monitoring service, allowing facility managers to access their data at any location, at any time. The software connects to any Eltek data loggers deployed in various areas within a facility.

By giving facility managers the option to access data remotely online via the cloud, this allows problems to be assessed and resolved before it is too late. For example, laboratory products such as medicine, drugs and vaccines require a strict temperature-controlled environment to ensure products are safe for use. If laboratory products were to become too hot or too cold, this can make them ineffective and contribute to wastage.

Through increasing visibility of the laboratory temperature monitoring process through the Darca Connect software, facilities can increase their efficiency whilst operating in a safer environment.

Main features of Eltek’s Darca Connect:

With the Eltek Darca Connect data logger software, laboratories and other pharmaceutical facilities can collate, analyse and report on environmental data via desktop, tablet or mobile. Here are a few of the main features you can expect when using it for your laboratory temperature monitoring system:

  • Flexible data viewing: View historical data via graphs, charts and tables, depending on your reporting preferences. Annotations can also be added to graphs when comparing and viewing data.
  • Alarms and notifications: Set up email or SMS notifications if temperatures go outside of the threshold limits, allowing you to respond to and rectify problems immediately.
  • User-friendly interface: The dashboard is completely customisable for each user, increasing ease of use and navigation across the platform. Users can also be given varying permissions for editing and viewing.
  • Easy reporting: Data can be instantly exported from the Darca Connect platform into user-friendly reports for easy data analysis.
  • Industry compliant: 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

For more information about how Eltek’s Darca Connect software could transform laboratory temperature monitoring in your facility, get in touch with our team at Wessex Power. Give us a call on 01929 459459 or send Keep your eyes peeled for early 2021 for the Darca Connect release!

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