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CryoTemp Data Loggers Aids Latest Energy Saving Discoveries

Laboratory temperature monitoring systems such as data loggers enable researchers and staff to monitor and record data in laboratories that is accurate.  Wessex Power were contacted by Green Light Laboratories Limited to provide low temperature data loggers that could measure and collect data to allow them to conduct valuable studies on energy efficiency.

Wessex Power supplied ten CryoTemp ultra-low temperature data loggers as they can record temperatures in environments as low as -80°C – and no probe is required. As requested, we UKAS calibrated all ten to ensure the recorded data met the national accreditation body’s internationally agreed standards.

Read summaries of the case studies below to discover how our laboratory temperature monitoring systems were used and the benefits these afforded the researchers.

Case Study 1: Lab Freezer Performance – Set Temperature VS. Energy Consumption

Green Light Laboratories Limited undertook a study to establish the energy that’s wasted – and could be saved – by laboratories using freezers that have the function to set the temperature of that unit. At present, many labs use freezers that don’t display the temperature. Using CyroTemp low temperature data loggers, data was collected over the course of a week. The Wessex Power data loggers “recorded the internal temperature every minute, accurate to 0.1C”.

This enabled Green Light Laboratories Limited to determine that laboratory freezers don’t use high amounts of electricity. Also, by warming up freezers to meet the maximum temperature, the heat output is reduced, lessening the need for air conditioning and reducing energy use.

“Just by procuring a freezer where you can easily set and control the temperature is a wise choice. Such a choice allows the laboratory to implement better practice and to take another step in the sustainable direction.”

Case Study 2: ULT Freezers; Study 1 – Eppendorf VS. Thermo

In October 2016, Green Light Laboratories Limited set up a study to test two ULT laboratory freezers to discover which was more energy efficient to use. Using the CryoTech data logger from MadgeTech, they uncovered some interesting findings.

A data logger was placed on the middle shelf in every compartment in each ULT unit to uncover how the temperature differed on each level. As each data logger is accurate to 0.1 Celsius and they took a reading every minute, reliable, accurate and representative data was recorded.

The researchers determined which freezer used less energy, as they set out to, but they also discovered that the low temperature data loggers recorded data that didn’t match what was displayed on the screen of the ULT freezers after the door was opened. They found that the freezer display wasn’t accurate.

“From the data collected it was apparent that the temperature set on the front of the freezer may not be what is measured on the inside of the unit; compartment 4 in the TSX600V at the -80C set point is 5.1C above that temperature.”

Using data loggers for laboratory temperature monitoring provides data that is required to accurately measure and collect data that is suitable for using to provide product temperature validation.


For accurate temperature readings for both executing a study and for a short and long-term laboratory temperature monitoring system, Madgetech low temperate data loggers will determine accurate results and provide excellent insight.

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