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Benefits of Using Wireless Data Loggers for Autoclave Monitoring

Autoclave monitoring takes place in various industries that manufacture or store temperature-critical products, including pharmaceutical, dental and food factories. Due to regimented regulation bodies, as such because of the sensitive nature of the products being monitored, autoclave sterilisation and validation must be in place to guarantee accuracy of the storage conditions.

Wireless temperature monitoring systems are increasingly used for autoclave monitoring due to the capabilities and improved benefits over hard-wired data logger alternatives.

Benefits of wireless data loggers for autoclave validation include:


  1. Visibility across the team and involved departments

Multiple people can view the data at one time. There is fully visibility for team members, and validation bodies, to view the autoclave monitoring data being collected. This means that multiple people can be analysing the data at one time, ensuring increased efficiency.

  1. Limitless storage in the cloud

Wireless temperature monitoring solutions are configured to be backed up to the cloud, so there is optimum space available to store data collected. With Wessex Power autoclave temperature mapping services, access to a secure cloud-based control panel is included with any wireless data logger.

  1. Cross-continental access

Data can be viewed across the world via use of the cloud-based system. Technicians travelling for work can continue to monitor real-time autoclave sterilisation data wherever they are.

  1. Uninterrupted, accurate readings

With fridge and freezer temperature monitoring, for example, in the instance of medical device validation, the door must remain shut to prevent the temperature in the autoclave changing. When a door is opened, the temperature changes, as was recorded by Green Light Laboratories Ltd when they used Wessex Power CyroTemp data loggers. If pharmaceutical validation is required, it’s paramount to use wireless autoclave monitoring systems, as real-time data can be viewed on a PC; the physical data logger doesn’t need to be seen.

  1. Programmable alerts can be set

Technicians don’t need to worry that temperature could be fluctuating as temperature parameters can be set so that an alarm sounds should the temperature rise or fall below the allowed restrictions. Wessex Power offer calibration services to ensure that autoclave data loggers have been calibrated to provide accurate readings.

This ensures that autoclave monitoring is accurate, trustworthy and can be proven, by showing of the certificate provided by Wessex Power.

For medical device validation, a unignorable benefit of wireless autoclave data loggers is that the product won’t be jeopardised by someone opening the autoclave to check the data being recorded on the screen.

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