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4 Benefits of a Cloud-Based Temperature Monitoring System

In temperature-controlled supply chain there are many factors that can interfere with the product, including quality and safety. Due to this the process must be set up in a way optimal temperature can be managed in a controlled environment. Fortunately, with a temperature monitoring system this can be achieved, having an efficient network of temperature data loggers automatically reporting any fluctuations in temperature provides oversight and the ability to deal with issues before they become too damaging.

With a complex network of data recording also comes reports that may need to be sent long distances. In this day and age, we’re past employing someone to deliver stacks of paper, so what can you do? Well, this where cloud-based temperature monitoring thrive, read on for the four key benefits.


1. On-Demand Cloud Based Temperature Monitoring

Cloud-based temperature data loggers collect and report the information either via Wi-Fi or LAN network and synchronises directly to the connected cloud system. If you are responsible for the temperature data logger reporting it does not matter if you are in another department, building, or even country. With access to a cloud based wireless temperature monitoring system you can access the data anywhere via a computer or mobile device.


2. Centralised Temperature Monitoring System

Access a secure cloud-based control panel via any device with internet availability. With a centralised network all applicable appliances can be connected for ease of use, manage a single fridge all the way through to storage facility at your fingertips. Remote temperature monitoring provides peace of mind knowing you will be alerted to any discrepancies out of the set parameters and action adjustments in real-time.


3. All-round Flexibility

With a cloud-based temperature monitoring system you are not restricted to one master device. Stored information recorded by the temperature data loggers can be easily accessed from any compatible device, including mobiles, tables, and desktop PCS. This allows for remote temperature monitoring across a wide range of devices and alongside time saving benefits, freeing up employees to work more productively.


4. Easy Installation & Set-up

Temperature data loggers are designed to be accessible and simple to install. Although an efficient and large-scale wireless temperature monitoring system can be complex, the setup process is not always overly complicated. Due to being cloud based the software will generally come with a guided installation process that only requires an internet connection and login.


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