Innovative Instrumentation solutions meeting the highest regulatory standards and industry demands.

Transport MonitoringTransport Monitoring

Selecting the correct solution requires consideration of cost Vs procedure Vs required information. Our range encompasses solutions for any eventuality, calling on Chemical and Electronic Time Temperature Indicators (TTI), One way and returnable dataloggers, for comprehensive analysis and sophisticated GPS system for automated corporate systems.

Wireless Temperature MonitoringWireless Temperature Monitoring

Wireless temperature monitoring data collection using radio and Ethernet technologies for low cost  intelligent and reliable collection, management and analysis of environmental data and alarm conditions. Our Wireless Temperature Monitoring systems ensure relevant FDA/MHRA/HACCAP regulations i.e. 21 CFR Part 11 are adhered to with the turnkey supply of system and validation packages.

Validation RecordersValidation Recorders

Benchmark technologies delivering precise and traceable data to your computer in elapsed or real-time. Enabling the validation of a wide variety of processes in compliance with regulatory standards.

Gas DetectionGas Detection

Wessex Power offer a range of portable/fixed gas detectors from the worlds leading suppliers of Oxygen, Toxic and Flammable gas detection systems. BW Technologies by Honeywell Analytics (Neotronics, Sieger) and ION Science.

 Data Loggers Data Loggers

Delve into an extensive range of stand alone datalogger solutions, manufactured by pioneers of reliable hardware and comprehensive user friendly supporting software

Energy Data loggerEnergy Data logger

Remotely collect energy data using GSM and Ethernet data logger from multiple wireless locations throughout your premises using radio transmitters connected to kwH and Pulse sensors.

Oven Data loggerOven Data logger

Portable oven data logger, accompany product through the oven recording air and product temperatures in elapsed or real-time. These devices are able to withstanding high temperatures and harsh conditions for prolonged periods of time.
Our oven data loggers are used to validate ovens in extreme temperatures coming in single channel and multi-channel formats using thermocouples.  Used in many manufacturing processes including powder coating, bakeries,  cure ovens, batch ovens and conveyor ovens. 
They can measure the temperature profile of items as they pass through the oven to determine how fast they heat/cool or how uniform the temperature is across the part. They are useful for electric, gas and radiant ovens.
They are easily removable from their insulated enclosures, which makes setup and data retrieval straightforward. The software allows the user to view all data points or a range of data points and a summary such as Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT).

Calibration EquipmentCalibration Equipment

Supply of instrumentation configured to verify accuracies of internal and external temperature and humidity sensors supplied by Wessex Power and our manufacturers. Ideally suited to meeting food and pharmaceutical industry standards.

Indoor/Outdoor Air QualityIndoor/Outdoor Air Quality

Solutions for measuring and recording parameters responsible for effecting the quality of production or your working environment

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