Like our clients, we are driven by legislation and industry guidance, we study the law and work with our suppliers to deliver hardware, software and services that exceed these requirements.


Stringent regulations demand, high quality environmental monitoring solutions are used  to collect and store data throughout the life cycle of the product.  The collected data must be an accurate representation of the environmental conditions exposed to product through testing, delivery, manufacture,  storage and transportation.

Medical & LaboratoryMedical & Laboratory

A number of challenges face a manager needing to monitor, record and manage alarm conditions generated by high and low environmental excursions in their laboratory(s). Processes equipment needing to be monitored, is often spread around a wide area making any placement of cables difficult and staff are often too busy to manually monitor and record data, this can result in a temperature breach not being noticed until it’s too late. Wessex Powers solution is to deploy wireless units to centrally collect environmental data against time from any number of fridges, freezers, incubators, Dewar’s and ovens, with in and out of office alarm notifications via SMS, email and audio/visual beacon.

Health and SafetyHealth and Safety

The most important environmental monitoring looks out for conditions that deliver short and long term harm to human health.  Personnel and fixed detection look out for dangers caused by flammable and toxic gasses and IAQ monitors look for longer term dangers caused by poor working conditions.

Food DataloggerFood Datalogger

Food safety legislation demands a high standard is met throughout food preparation, validation, storage and transportation.  Wessex Power delivers specialist temperature datalogger, designed to ensure your back is covered with complete documentation and data traceability, when faced with HACCAP, EN12830, EN13485, EN13486 and EFSIS regulations relating to recording temperature in any process.


Comprehensive environmental record keeping, requires data to be recorded and managed throughout the life span of the product. Wessex Power offer systems to meet and surpass User requirements for storage and transportation monitoring.

Temperature Mapping ServicesTemperature Mapping Services

A temperature mapping survey of a space can reveal a great deal of information about the dynamics and performance of your installation.

Datalogging in Fire Training EnvironmentsDatalogging in Fire Training Environments

To enable firemen to properly and safely train in fire control, special buildings are used in which to set test fires.Monitoring these environments is vital to measure and record the temperatures encountered and ensure it is safe for the firemen to enter.Fire behaviours under various conditions are examined and the data recorded for analysis. Because of these extreme conditions specialist, high-temperature probes and cabling are demanded for the system.

Clinical Trial Data LoggerClinical Trial Data Logger

The length and complexity of clinical trials makes it a huge undertaking, and every element needs to be handled not only with the highest vigour, but with a close eye on costs.   

Our objective when recommending a data logger for use in a clinical trial is to put forward the most time/cost effective solution available that meets all technical requirements.

The ITAG is the prefered Clinical Trial data logger many of our customers use but we are able to offer many other cost effective solutions including monitoring over 10 years.

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