About Wessex Power

About Wessex Power

Wessex Power was established in 1979. We provide complete solutions to clients, selected from a broad portfolio of advanced instruments sourced from specialist companies located around the World. Our customers have developed and we now provide enhanced instruments and complete systems. Our aim remains the same, with the clear objective of satisfying customer demand with good products and services as it has been for the past thirty years.

Our client base covers the entire spectrum of industry encompassing multi-national blue chip organisations to smaller privately owned companies, most of whom we have well established relationships. Our name and reputation are a byword in the industry.

If you are new to Wessex Power please review our website and contact us as you see appropriate. Our staff will be pleased to assist you in any way we can.

If only…..

The mechanical measurement of time originated with the water clock, which flourished in medieval English monasteries as a means of telling the monks when it was time to attend one of seven daily services.

Had Wessex Power been consulted we would have told them that water freezes in winter, supplied them with a portable fire entered their details into our applications database and provided them with a solution to their problem. We would have presented our ideas to Johan Huygens who with our help would have invented the world’s first mechanical time clock, long before he did.

In reality, Wessex Power are fully entitled to claim a stake in history as a small part in the development of the pharmaceutical laboratories and medical industry by the quality, backup service, technical innovation we have provided to our customers and upon which they have grown to trust us.


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